Bacchus D-79
Base Statistics
Level 24 HP 3,332
MP 254 GRD 45
ATK 239 DEF 269
INT 25 HIT 101
Luck 120 Critical 1.2
Base Resistances
Poison 20 Stun 0
Freeze 0 Paralysis 0
Silence 0 Fog 0
Curse 0 Pumpkin 0
Void 0
Starting Equipment
Weapon Maser Cannon
Armor Vanigear
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory None
Extra Information
Age 32
Gender Male
Birthdate Unknown
Race Morphus
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroki Yasumoto
English Voice Actor Travis Willingham

A scientist hailing from a technologically advanced planet, Bacchus was originally a Morphus until he was infected with a mutated strain of the petrification virus on Roak, while researching on it. To avoid death, he willingly converts into a cyborg for the time being, until his assignment is finished. Due to his mechanized form and a core processor for a brain, he has difficulty expressing his emotions to others. He also possesses a strong sense of justice. Having a cyborg body has its advantages, for example, Bacchus has the ability to cloak himself. His real name is Bacchus Dexley.

IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: 2 Artistry: -2 Compounding: 4
Cooking: -8 Crafting: 3 Engineering: 10
Sense: 8 Smithery: 7

Skills, Arts, SymbolsEdit

Field Skill
Chain Combos
Default Skill
Default Skill
Default Skill
Default Skill
Skill Manual
Battle Skill
Fury Boost
HP Boost
Scan Enemy
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Special Art
Force Breaker
Galvanic Shock
Black Hole Sphere
Blessed Buster
Default Art
Default Art
Level 30
Level 38
Level 50
Level 61
Bacchus cannot learn symbols

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