Lymle Lemuri Phi
Base Statistics
Level 1 HP 137
MP 72 GRD 11
ATK 27 DEF 30
INT 25 HIT 19
Luck 90 Critical 1.2
Base Resistances
Poison 0 Stun 0
Freeze 20 Paralysis 0
Silence 0 Fog 0
Curse 0 Pumpkin 0
Void 0
Starting Equipment
Weapon Candy Wand
Armor Symbologist's Robe
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory Fire Armlet
Extra Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown
Race Lemurisian
Japanese Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
English Voice Actor Hunter Mackenzie Austin

A young girl that lives in the village of Triom on the planet Lemuris, she lost her parents at a young age, so the village chief raised her as a granddaughter. She was naturally born with the ability of Heraldry, and treats the Cerberus she summoned through Heraldry as her friend. She's a spoiled child, with a mischievous and friendly personality. A certain incident caused her to shut off her heart, which causes her to speak in a childish way, but her heart is strong, so she doesn't lose her spirit in unfortunate situations. It is heard that her child appearance is caused by a trauma in her life that caused her to stop aging.

Starting IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: 5 Artistry: 10 Compounding: 6
Cooking: 1 Crafting: 7 Engineering: -10
Sense: 6 Smithery: -9

Skills, Arts SymbolsEdit

Field Skill
Chain Combos
Treasure Sense
Default Skill
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Battle Skill
First Aid
HP Boost
Fury Boost
INT Boost
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Special Art
Hatchet Reel
Scorching Star
Hound Grenade
Spiral Fang
Default Skill
Level 18
Level 32
Level 41
Fire Bolt
Wind Blade
Faerie Healing
Lightning Blast
Thunder Flare
Default Symbol
Level 6
Level 13
Level 21
Level 25
Level 28
Level 36
Level 47
Level 51
Level 56
Level 65

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