Meracle Chamlotte
Base Statistics
Level 22 HP 1,994
MP 247 GRD 46
ATK 153 DEF 226
INT 16 HIT 80
Luck 80 Critical 1.2
Base Resistances
Poison 0 Stun 0
Freeze 0 Paralysis 0
Silence 0 Fog 0
Curse 0 Pumpkin 0
Void 0
Starting Equipment
Weapon None
Armor Solid Protector
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory None
Extra Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthdate Unknown
Race Lesser Fellpool
Japanese Voice Actor Megumi Toyoguchi
English Voice Actor Carrie Savage

Meracle is a feline humanoid whose race is known as the Lesser Fellpool. Due to sharing cat-like qualities, she and her kind have an abnormally curious personality. Meracle is always cheerful and will seek to raise people's spirits around her when they are down. Being of an animal-like nature, she has much higher hearing and smelling senses. Her birthplace is unknown but likely to be Roak, judging by her race. Always brimming with energy, Meracle is bright and amiable, though she hates being left alone. She apparently crash-landed on Earth after inadvertently stowing away on a spaceship; attracted by the smell of food, she boarded the ship, which then took off with her in tow.

IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: -8 Artistry: 5 Compounding: -10
Cooking: 7 Crafting: 10 Engineering: 2
Sense: -1 Smithery: 5

Skills, Arts, & SymbolsEdit

Field Skill
Chain Combos
Default Skill
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Battle Skill
Critical Hit
Fury Boost
HP Boost
No Guard
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Special Art
Comet Impact
Ripper Pounce
Acrobatic Vault
Claws of Fury
Default Skill
Default Skill
Level 26
Level 38
Meracle cannot learn symbols