Reimi Saionji
Base Statistics
Level 1 HP 167
MP 41 GRD 13
ATK 36 DEF 32
INT 5 HIT 28
Luck 140 Critical 2.8
Base Resistances
Poison 10 Stun 10
Freeze 10 Paralysis 10
Silence 10 Fog 10
Curse 10 Pumpkin 10
Void 10
Starting Equipment
Weapon Short Bow
Armor SRF Protector
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory None
Extra Information
Age 19
Gender Female
Birthdate March 28
Race Earthling
Japanese Voice Actor Misato Fukuen
English Voice Actor Laura Bailey

A girl born of the distinguished Saionji family. She took up archery at a young age, and now has the ability of a master. She often feels anxious in her surroundings and has a gentle heart, but is very strict, often being crushed by the pressure. She joined the SRF together with Edge, and travels the universe with him. She gives aid and support to Edge and the group to help keep them calm.

IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: -6 Artistry: 6 Compounding: -2
Cooking: 10 Crafting: 5 Engineering: -1
Sense: 3 Smithery: 1

Skills, Arts, & Symbols Edit

Field Skill
Chain Combos
Default Skill
Default Skill
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Battle Skill
Auto Healing
ATK Boost
Critical Hit
Energy Shield
First Aid
Fury Boost
HP Boost
MP Boost
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Skill Manual
Special Art
Thorn Arrow US Sonic Thorn EU
Seraphic Thunder
Crimson Squall
Chaotic Blossoms
Hunter's Moon
Crescent Wings
Heavenly Flight
Savage Sparrows
Default Art
Level 14
Level 25
Level 35
Level 46
Level 59
Level 71
Skill Manual
Reimi cannot learn symbols

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