Sarah Jerand
Base Statistics
Level 36 HP 4229
MP 733 GRD 93
ATK 362 DEF 286
INT 117 HIT 93
Luck 100 Critical 2.8
Base Resistances
Poison 0 Stun 0
Freeze 0 Paralysis 0
Silence 0 Fog 0
Curse 0 Pumpkin 0
Void 0
Starting Equipment
Weapon Ceremonial Spear
Armor Feathered Robe
Neck Accessory None
Wrist Accessory None
Extra Information
Age 19
Gender Female
Birthdate September 15
Race Featherfolk
Japanese Voice Actor Noriko Rikimaru
English Voice Actor Erika Weinstein

Sarah hails from the planet of Roak, where her people are dubbed as the Featherfolk, human-like beings endowed with wings on their back. However, unlike the rest of her people who could fly for short periods of time, Sarah is unable to do the same, due to an unknown reason. Sarah grew up in virtual isolation, never even setting foot outside her village until she was assigned as an envoy to the kingdom of Astral. The Featherfolk are revered as sacred, but Sarah's isolation has left her so ignorant of the outside world that even her own people constantly worry about her. Her simple, almost naive kindness is completely guileless. She has the same surname as Erys and Ioshua from the first Star Ocean; the in-game dictionary mentions that she is not their mother, but more than likely their aunt through one of her younger brothers.

Starting IC Skills Edit

Alchemy: -4 Artistry: 8 Compounding: 3
Cooking: 4 Crafting: 7 Engineering: -8
Sense: 8 Smithery: -7

Skills, Arts, & Symbols Edit

Field Skill
Default Skill
Battle Skill
Fury Boost
Default Skill
Special Art
Sarah cannot learn Special Arts
Cure Condition
Faerie Healing
Lightning Blast
Radiant Lancer
Wind Blade
Ex Healing
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Default Symbol
Level 37
Level 46